Public relations practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public.


To create and sustain "shared meaning" or "common understanding" - NB this may be and usually is different from "shared beliefs" Propaganda: the general propagation of information for a specific purpose


  • Psychological warfare: Psyops
  • Public relations: techniques used to influence the publics' perception of an organization
  • Publicity: PR techniques used to promote a specific product or brand
  • Spin (public relations)
  • Spin: both the objective of a PR campaign and the act of obtaining that objective Public relations methods and approaches
  • Airborne leaflet propaganda
  • Astroturfing and Astroturf PR: fake grassroots
  • Atrocity story
  • Bandwagon effect
  • Big lie
  • Black propaganda
  • Buzzword
  • Card stacking
  • Code word
  • Communist propaganda
  • Corporate image
  • Corporate propaganda
  • Cult of personality
  • Demonization
  • Disinformation: providing false information
  • Dog-whistle politics
  • Doublespeak
  • Enterperience: fusing entertainment and experience together
  • Euphemisms, as done deliberately to advance a cause or position (see also Political correctness)
  • Factoid
  • Fedspeak
  • Front organization
  • Glittering generality
  • Homophobic propaganda
  • Indoctrination
  • Information warfare: the practice of disseminating information in an attempt to advance your agenda relative to a competing viewpoint
  • Junk science
  • Lesser of two evils principle
  • Loaded language
  • Marketing: commercial and business techniques
  • Media bias
  • Media manipulation: the attempt to influence broadcast media decisions in an attempt to present your view to a mass audience
  • Misuse of statistics
  • News management: PR techniques concerned with the news media
  • News propaganda
  • Newspeak
  • Plain folks
  • Propaganda film
  • Public service announcement
  • Revolutionary propaganda
  • Self propaganda
  • Social marketing: techniques used in behavioral change, such as health promotion
  • Sound science
  • Rebuttal: a type of news management technique
  • Rhetoric
  • Slogan
  • Transfer (propaganda)
  • Video news release
  • Weasel Word
  • White propaganda
  • Yellow journalism
  • Agenda-setting theory
  • Framing (social sciences)
  • Propaganda model: a model developed by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman to explain how propaganda functions in democracies